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Beyond Numbers

Frankly, basic business accounting is easier than ever. Software and technology now reduce and streamline much of the routine financial-data collection and reporting. We are comfortable working with a variety of accounting-related technology and are Quickbooks Pro Advisors. 

On the other hand, the consulting role of accountants has never been harder or more important. Accounting- and tax-related regulations are constantly changing. Each change could require an adjustment to your company’s accounting or business approaches. You need a trusted advisor, familiar with your business and financial goals, to be aware of those changes and develop appropriate responses for your organization. 

We deliver that advice and our other services in whatever format best meets the preferences of each client. An increasing number of our clients prefer to do business digitally, with most interactions done via phone and email. When necessary, we can access their digital accounting data, whether to update the client’s data, resolve an issue, or offer advice. 

We are equally comfortable with traditional, face-to-face client interactions for clients who prefer to meet with their R.J. Wilson professionals here in our offices. Our flexible approach ensures that each client gets personalized service and attention. 

Selecting Your Accountant

Many people considering working with an accountant for the first time are apprehensive – or downright frightened –  about their first meeting. This is particularly true of entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with the role an accountant would play in their business. 

Despite those concerns, after business owners meet with us for their initial no-cost consultation, most of them become clients. They quickly learn that our role is to free them from concerns about complex and arcane accounting activities, ensure their compliance with tax and financial regulations, and provide them with information and guidance to help them manage and grow their business. They also come away from that initial meeting with some general guidance about how the best accounting approaches for their business. 

Many of our new clients used to be another accountant’s clients. The most common reason we hear for them seeking a new accountant was that they couldn’t seem to get the attention of their old one. When you call your financial professionals at R.J. Wilson for information or advice, you can expect a quick response. 

We encourage those phone calls. It’s the nature of small business owners to try to do things for themselves before reaching out for help, but many times it would be better to simply call us. Accounting is a complex and dynamic field. The advice you find doing an internet search is likely to be inaccurate, not directly applicable, or out of date. Not only does the do-it-yourself approach waste time you could devote to building your business. It could also create issues … including legal issues … down the line. 

Answering basic questions is part of the service package. More complicated, time-consuming consultations may incur an additional cost.


Certified Public Accounting

Advise individual, businesses, not-for-profits and other organizations on how to reach their financial goals.

Bookkeeping Services

Maintain clients’ books, recording accounts receivable and payable, and provide reports on the client-specified schedule.

Auditing & Attest Services

Examine financial records to ensure that they are accurate and comply with all applicable rules, regulations, laws and standards.

Tax Services

Assist with tax planning to reduce taxes owed, and prepare all required tax documentation and returns.

Payroll Services

Ensure accurate payments to client employees while meeting all financial obligations to payroll-related government agencies and other organizations  

Estate Planning

Help clients arrange for the management and distribution of assets while minimizing taxes and other costs that reduce their value to the recipients. 

Consulting Services

Support clients with expert advice related to financial planning, risk management, and other financial-related areas and functions. 

Financial Statements

Prepare customized statements providing organizations with a clear picture picture of an organization’s financial health and function. 

quickbooks certified pro advisor

Educate clients in the effective use of Quickbooks as it applies to their financial needs.