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How is my business doing? 

That is the basic question every smart business owner and manager needs answered. Providing the answer to that question is one of the most important services your accountant can provide. There are many ways to measure business success, but the most fundamental and reliable measures are found in your company’s financial data. Any competent accounting firm can manage the data collection and reporting required to tell you how your business is doing. 

But there’s another critical question that only more capable and concerned accounting firms can answer: How can I do even better? 

Responding to that question requires going beyond the rote collection of data and creation of your monthly reports and forms. Helping you and your business do better requires an accounting firm that looks beyond the numbers. It requires accountants and other professionals who take a personal interest in your business and its success. It requires a team that is there for you when you have a question or need advice. 

It takes a team like you will find at R.J. Wilson & Company. 




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Areas of Practice

Certified Public Accounting

Advise individual, businesses, not-for-profits and other organizations on how to reach their financial goals.


Maintain clients’ books, recording accounts receivable and payable, and provide reports on the client-specified schedule.

Financial Statements

Prepare customized statements providing organizations with a clear picture picture of an organization’s financial health and function. 

Tax services

Assist with tax planning to reduce taxes owed, and prepare all required tax documentation and returns.


Ensure accurate payments to client employees while meeting all financial obligations to payroll-related government agencies and other organizations  

Auditing & Attest Services

Examine financial records to ensure that they are accurate and comply with all applicable rules, regulations, laws and standards.



Support clients with expert advice related to financial planning, risk management, and other financial-related areas and functions. 

Estate Planning

Help clients arrange for the management and distribution of assets while minimizing taxes and other costs that reduce their value to the recipients. 

quickbooks certified pro advisor

Educate clients in the effective use of Quickbooks as it applies to their financial needs. 


Accounting is the language of business.

Warren Buffet


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